replay lincoln park

I have been working as a social media coordinator for Replay Lincoln Park since October. As of right now I help manage all social media accounts, but primarily Instagram and Facebook.

october 2019 - present • instagram, facebook, tiktok

social media & analytics

I am in charge of running promotions and marketing campaigns for all social media at Replay Lincoln Park. I do a significant amount of the graphic design and posting on all social media accounts. This includes updating Facebook and Instagram with posts and stories, as well as responding to comments and DMs.

A huge part of my job is not only delivering quality content that is consistent with the bar's brand and voice, but also creating engagements like polls, surveys, contests, and giveaways through posts and stories. I create all captions, hashtags and copy on the website and on all social media. I monitor the content I create closely, and ensure that it generates new likes, follows, and engagements. I am also involved with PR campaigns, and create relationships with local influencers and brands. Replay Lincoln Park's combined social media is over 40,000 followers and continues to grow daily. 

Since a lot of events and pop-ups are focused on fandoms and interests, I will often post in different niche groups to try and gain a natural interest in events without having to pay for any PR.

facebook insights

Follower gains over the course of a three-week period during a successful campaign.

instagram insights

Follower gains over the course of a several week period during a successful campaign.

dynamic qr codes

I am also in charge of creating and monitoring QR codes for Replay's touch-free menu system.

grassroot campaigns

Examples of interest created organically in niche facebook groups