replay lincoln park

Replay Lincoln Park is an arcade bar located in Northern Chicago. They are well known for their pop-up bars, which feature different themes changed every 2-3 months. Examples of past pop-up bar themes include: The Office, Parks & Rec, FYRE Festival, Rick & Morty, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Spongebob, IT, and Lord of the Rings. 

My role at Replay is multi-fauceted. I am responsible for creating social media graphics, running social media accounts and updating the website, creating graphics for menus, advertisements, events, t-shirts, promo materials, and more. I also create content for IG and Facebook stories, starring myself or other patrons/employees of the bar. I am also a part of strategic planning for new events and pop-ups, which are planned and executed by a talented group of local artists under the group name Pop Up Productions (P.U.P.)

As of March 17th, the bar has been closed until further notice due to COVID-19. While this saddens me greatly, I look forward to coming back and helping the business bounce back. Currently we have a staff relief fund in place and an easy way to buy gift cards on all of our social media, and I will still post occasionally to maintain engagement.

october 2019 - present • illustrator, photoshop, after effects

social media graphics (one-offs)

These are a few one-off examples of events that I've promoted or created, often with very quick turn around expected. Most of these graphics were completed within an hour.

social media graphics (campaigns)

These graphics are for more extensive paid campaigns or pop-up launches. Pop-up launches normally require aggressive ad campaigns with a PR release to create awareness and ensure return on investment for a large scale pop-up build, complete with custom drinks, photo-ops, and merch.

t-shirt and promo designs

I also have been responsible for creating t-shirts and other promo materials since I started working at Replay in November.