This is a combination of web and graphic design for a variety of print and digital media.

Short's brewery rebranding

gouache // illustrator // PHOTOSHOP

A self-initiated project in which I created new branding for a few of Short's Brewery flagship beers. As an observer and appreciator of beer labels, I have always felt that the brand could use a refresh. The brewery, which is located in Elk Rapids, MI, creates hundreds of craft beers, so I decided to focus on their flagship beers, all of which I have tried in the process of making these labels

This is  large format piece that I made for Angelina's Restaurant, made to display 5ft by 5ft  in their Allen Park location, created as a freelance project for PostNet Printing.

Illustrator // 2019

day of the dead

primo's pizza

angelina's restaurant

illustrator // indesign // photoshop

Beginning  at the end of 2017 I have made routine edits  to Angelina's Mexican Restaurant menus, and have created other print materials including signs, business cards, coupons, and flyers for the restaurant all the way up until present day. Worked on while I worked at PostNet as the graphic designer.

Replay lincoln park

illustrator // photoshop

Starting in September 2019, I began working for Replay Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL as a freelance graphic designer, and social media coordinator. I'm responsible for some strategizing, as well as organizing giveaways and other events within the bar.  This is a position that continues to grow as as time goes on.


cannon eos rebel // photoshop

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drink menus

illustrator // photoshop

t-shirt design

I have created a variety of assets, banners, ads, templates, and more through out my continuous time at CDK Global Marketing in Detroit, Michigan (early 2018- present). We are responsible for creating assets for car dealerships around North America , Canada,  and Australia. I've worked on brands such as Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, Infiniti, Volkswagen, Nissan, Hyundai, Ford, and more. 

Illustrator // photoshop

cdk marketing content development

next gen platform // HTML // CSS

 Page building

 I also worked on creating custom pages for dealers.  Many pages were template based, but I also have  created pages using  custom code.  But over time, my job became much more comprehensive than just asset and advertisement creation.

I also became  responsible for creating an archive of assets  through Creative Cloud  for specific OEMs (Infiniti was my area of expertise), as well as  helped create training assets for other teams, attend meetings related to new marketing events, and participate in testing of new products and  software.

Misc personal pieces created in Adobe Illustrator.


digital illustration

Wrigley's pharmacy

illustrator // indesign // photoshop

Starting at the beginning of 2017, I did the entire branding for Wrigley's Pharmacy in Highland Park, MI. I was given pretty free creative liberties with this project, and continue to make marketing materials for the through current day. I have created signs, business cards,  direct mailers, banners, rack cards, magnets, notepads, and much more for the pharmacy.  I have also created work for other pharmacies that the same manager manages through out Wayne and Oakland county. I did this work while working at PostNet Printing.

I created these menus for Primo's Pizza in October-December 2017.  I was given pretty free reign in terms of design, and decided to match the background and  feel to the facade of the restaurant itself,  a small, local, brick  building.

Illustrator // indesign // photoshop

PRIMo's pizza

Some animation projects made from illustrations, done in my spare time.

illustrator // animate