Some of my graphic design work including branding, menu design, book design, and more

primo's pizza

angelina's restaurant

illustrator // indesign // photoshop

Beginning  at the end of 2016 I have made routine edits  to Angelina's Mexican Restaurant menus, and have created other print materials including signs, business cards, coupons, and flyers for the restaurant all the way up until present day. 

A variety of assets, banners, web ads, and templates created through out my continuous time at CDK Global Marketing in Detroit, Michigan. We are responsible for creating assets for car dealerships around North America 

Illustrator // photoshop

cdk marketing content development

Wrigley's pharmacy

illustrator // indesign // photoshop

Starting at the beginning of 2017, I did the entire branding for Wrigley's Pharmacy in Highland Park, MI. I was given pretty free creative liberties with this project, and continue to make marketing materials for the through current day. I have created signs, business cards,  direct mailers, banners, rack cards, magnets, notepads, and much more for the pharmacy.  I have also created work for other pharmacies that the same manager manages through out Wayne and Oakland county.

I created these menus for Primo's Pizza in October-December 2017.  I was given pretty free reign in terms of design, and decided to match the background and  feel to the facade of the restaurant itself,  a small, local, brick  building.

Illustrator // indesign // photoshop

PRIMo's pizza

A variety of illustration and logos 

Illustrator // photoshop

Digital illustration / one -offs

I worked on the branding for GreenHouse Soups&Chili, a Detroit based company that serves organic, homemade soups around the metro Detroit area. 2017-Present.

Illustrator // indesign // photoshop

Greenhouse soups&chili