cdk global

At CDK Global I was a Web Design Specialist, spending most of my day working with clients for various car dealerships: GM, Chrysler, Jeep, INFINITI, MINI, Hyundai, and more. I would create custom graphics adhering to specific brand standards, as well as landing pages and adding or enabling custom code. I was also a Subject Matter Expert for INFINITI and parts of FCA (Jeep, Chrysler, and RAM), and worked on building Creative Cloud libraries of updated images that could be accessed across the organization. I also have been responsible for creating training and reference documents for new employees, as well as working with brands and ads in Spanish and French.

february 2018 - october 2019 • photoshop, illustrator, cc libraries

hero slides & online advertisements

creative cloud libraries & training documents

landing & custom pages

Below are some examples of landing pages I have made for different OEMs

I was also responsible for creating and updating CC libraries with new vehicles, down to specific colors, trims, and angles, to help maintain company-wide consistency and accuracy.