I have been enthralled with art in its many forms since an early age. I picked up a paintbrush before I turned ten, wrote my first HTML when I was eleven, and spent my whole childhood drawing and drawing. I learned quickly that creating art is not about inherent skill, and that ‘talent’ was a myth. I learned that art, and likewise design, is about seeing; it is as much analytical as it is creative, it is about perceiving and then relating that perception. Some people can more easily access their calculating left brain than their imaginative right. For example, teaching a room full of engineers to paint can become quite the nightmare. For some, creativity is a waterfall and for others, just a trickle. But for me, I have a reliable connection to both. In the end, it’s most likely that perfect harmony that lead me to graphic design. There’s no doubt in my mind that my purpose is to create art, and graphic design became the pinnacle of my interests and skills. I can have just as much fun making a meticulously thought out grid and typesetting as I could throwing paint at a white wall.

My first exposure to graphic design wasn’t until college, but my fast learning abilities quickly caught me up to speed with some of my peers who had been using design programs since high school. I took it upon myself to explore new programs whenever I had the chance, and am constantly teaching myself new things by the day. I have taught myself everything I know about web design and animation, and while my skill set is still growing, I can proudly say that no one told me to do it except for myself.

I am a workaholic and that is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that I can get stuff done, the curse is that I may be running on two hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. For me, I am best when my mind is occupied. Neutral is boring when I could be soaring in sixth gear. With that being said, I have always had a strong work ethic. I entered into the workforce at an age of twelve at my family’s banquet hall, working in a hot, crazy kitchen nonetheless, so by the time I graduated college I had over a decade of work experience while some of my peers had never worked a day in their lives. I have zero entitlement because I have scrubbed a hundred toilets, and not because anyone made me, but because everyone would rather have a clean toilet than a dirty one. I am humble and can take criticism like a champ. I value others’ opinions because I know at the end of the day mine won’t matter as much as theirs’ will.

I could tell you how I’m a great graphic designer (which I am) but that would limit my ability to tell you how fantastic I am at everything else (besides, that’s what the portfolio is for). I exude positive energy and love to make people laugh, I will always be counting my blessings because I know its what will keep me on the ground running. I am in general a pleasant person to be around, and I can get along with anyone. I am patient but urgent, goofy but serious, confident but humble, and I am always pushing forward for the next big thing.

I’m hoping that together we can create amazing things.